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U are U through Fruit / A state of Being

The solution

Clarity, health, focus and energy all shows its presence when you flush your body of toxins and replace it with the earths gift to mankind. As you cleanse and energize, so does your gnosis and ability. This one adaption changes ones state of mind and then their being. A ripple effect shows through your communication, abilities, and then to groups, systems and before we all know it a whole new world.


Fruit is the most important change any of us can adopt. Right now your resistance to understanding this is due to… well… absolutely every person and organization around you. As this breaks down you’ll see the truth more. I know you want fine details but it’s not quite time. Over the last ten years, trial and error, listening and not listening to my body, I found fruit is the complete answer. I moved off dairy and refined sugar first. Quickly eliminating processed foods. Years later, after numerous trials and errors and peoples opinion I started listening to my body. Five years ago I went off animal products completely and a month later off all oil. At this point I was at a completely whole food plant based diet. I found some guidance that made this seem like the end game and I thought the remaining feelings in my body were about balancing the plants. Over this pandemic these people showed their colours and thankfully I not only saw it but found fruit. I mean fruit was always there but it was always secondary to all the nutrients I was told the green plants needed to give me. Here is where, with all you know, you will be fighting my statement. Please “do resist”, but resit in an inquisitive manner and know that out of any food you can try and learn from, fruit is the safest food you could try to experiment with. You can just start by adding it to what you eat and “slowly” replacing it for other items. Your body doesn’t want you to just quit anything you’re eating. There are “things” at play in your body that will cause you discomfort if you just cut out what you currently eat. We must keep detox in mind when we start healing and going through the transition. I will share my story and as I share, I’ll work at how to provide more information for your benefit. I wish not to mislead anyone and for now I say just put the idea of fruit in your mind. Ask how can anyone benefit towards eating mainly fruit? Expect people to say no and when someone says different, listen.

Breaking down conventional information

As our world shifts, finding out what really is important to the human body will get easier. In the mean time pay attention to the money trail or the agenda behind the people wanting to move you to any type of item they say is best for your body. The answers are in front of us. Let’s break down the cryptic barrage of information.