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My Pain – Your Gain

We all have heard “No Pain – No Gain”!

Well, let the propaganda end here. Take the years of my pain, trials and understanding translate into happiness for you now. After 10 years of tribulations, the answer was simple… simple in the end that was. Fruit. Yup, whole fruit. Today is Christmas Day December 25th 2020. What a journey and appropriate I was nudged from whole food Plant based to Whole food Fruit during this amassing albeit turbulent year. 6 years no dairy and sugar then add 4 years no meat, eggs and oil. And now a 80-90% whole fruit lifestyle.

My doctor is just on the roster now. My endocrinologist looked me in the eye to tell my I’m one of the very, very few. Yup, said “very” twice. I’ll discuss my journey of various events including my experience with cancer a decade ago and go through the things I don’t won’t you to go through.

During this journey lets build infrastructure around the world to feed the people fruit for free. In warm climates and the cold!

My name is Joe or Joesph Dublu. Thank you so much for stopping to take a deep breath and see this world the way we naturally want to see it.

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