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See Fruit

You go to build your next project. You realize it’s time for a new power drill. This is great because this is a serious tool and they make some wicked choices. Yeah, there’s a bunch of crap but there is a good one. Oh yeah, it’s just an awesome experience when you make the right choice. So, if that’s true, then I guess it’s settled. Things that don’t work gotta go. Like things that we put in our mouths that make us sick. What are all these items? You know. You know you know we know you know! Yup everything except whole foods of the plant variety. More specifically fruit and select vegetables. That’s not up for debate anymore. You either know or you don’t. The debate now is working at a pace that’s in your benefit to transition you quickly but not damagingly to you mental state of mind. See fruit in whole form. You like it? Then eat it. The rest comes as you can handle it.

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