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How did I even come to the conclusion to trust fruit for my health? Much effort. In the beginning I was looking for help. I do wish I would have realized earlier there was no help. A lot of misdirection. Years went by and the pain in my trials found me at the point of exhaustion. To find the truth I found I had to accept there was no truth. At least through any “societal” available avenues of information. Seems surreal and unlike a society with such emphasis on health. That however is an outward appearance. The emphasis actually ended up purely being on systems that generate money. Money isn’t in health money is in “solving health problems”. Truth came, in what my body told me, through testing for myself. Oh, and the effort I gave was commendable. So fastidious that this effort bordered on self abuse. The true story takes it past just corporations and greed but to actual intent of disease placed upon us. As this world is being taken back from such demonic institutions and thought, we still have much work to do to bring everyone back out from such a horrendous system. Trust whole fruit. It’s the end game but can also be an easy interjection or additive to your routine that easily will override many of the items we consume that somehow were given the term “food”.

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