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with Grace

A beautiful pink sunrise, this morning, filled my bedroom window. A quiet home with everyone in their slumber. The transition from one year to the next widely viewed as a momentous time in our lives passed through this last evening. I’m not without interjection. I wake to beauty in the sky yet not at peace with the thoughts that rest in my mind. I feel heavy knowing the break down of convention is at our foot to allow truth, abundance and freedom to stand tall in this next cycle. I know this beauty and have sat within it to know it’s love. Why is it heavy? Weight in my thoughts, to the challenge in front of us? Well, more now I see the understanding of change in relationships and energy shifts moving people into proximity with those of like shifted consciousness. A deep breath with realization now finds peace in silence. I understand my journey is with many new entities in balance with the answers I know to find within. Separation and creation of bonds between all of us as we flow along a now more natural cycle of energy. It’s oh so calm outside. Like everything sits waiting for me to enter the stream. Leave what’s to be left. Focus to that which moves with grace. Find growth in all aspects encompassing benevolence. Trust within.

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