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What I am talking about

Do I have to know “what I am talking about” to talk to you? Before that – define “what I am talking about” in reference to inner standing truth.


There is only one truth. Mix your environment, programming and relationships up to have an opinion. That opinion is yours and may contain truth but is not the truth or is the truth or a mixture of the two. Once you know the truth you need not speak it because only the individual can find truth through themselves.

So…. when someone tells you the truth then you will know it once you’ve gone within yourself far enough to see it. If you need someone to tell you and continually reaffirm the truth, that is when you find yourself in opinion.

Opinion and truth are different. Opinion can guide you to truth and also pull you from truth. Proper to recognize when the word opinion shows up because a trip to the truth, in one form or another, is now in front of you.

So “what I am talking about” is valid if you hear truth. If you don’t you’re either far from truth or I am far from the truth and a beautiful talk exchanging opinion is present.

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