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Figuring it out

Free fruit. What does that mean to a vast population? How do you justify it within a system that suppresses contrasting movements to corporate success?

Keep the thought in conversation and start small. I’m blessed to have a back yard on a hill. I wouldn’t have said that ten years ago as I love working on my vehicles and making things. It’s a blessing as the hill has kept material progress away and open for the transformation of thought toward the Mother. Mother that is earth.

With a goal of fruit, the challenge is that of my climate. People have figured out “no energy” greenhouses for northern climates so I need not work from scratch rather build above the progress of another.

The solution to our Heath / our bodies health / our mental health / our spiritual health is in fruit. Natural and free. We are now of a time where a shift towards light will manifest this simple thought into a staple for humanities progress. I promise you fruit is the gateway to health, happiness, and ascension. Working with the earth for a synchronistic rise of man and womankind in conjunction with the natural world.

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