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Major reprogramming

Going to have to rethink all of it. Eat the fruits of the earth not the foods of the world. They are two different things. Generations of lies built around tradition and so called comfort. Reinforced by government and industry. A personal battle to see the truth is hard. No kidding here. Being social beings, we take so much weight in the acceptance of the family, friends and associations around us. When all of them see not the truth in fruits of the earth the personal battle becomes separation. Why change food when you risk being alone? The thing is your never truly alone when you find yourself and you find yourself in health, real food, stillness and reflection. We’ve been taught to build our strength with the people and things around us not knowing the people and things around us were interjected to keep ourselves from finding our inner strength and comfort. A hard troubled journey is in front of us but the turbulence is temporary and worth it for the reward. Especially compared to not trying and staying in the hands of disease. Thank you to Marie Russel for a few choice words that prompted this post.

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