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A higher power – of whatever you think that is – should be simple and effective – should walk beside you and not rule you – should show you but let you choose – let your punishment be of your own hands and your rewards be immense and within you.

When these ideals run past my face I do not see a correlation to any organized religion. I see contrast. To breath, meditate and free my mind incites freedom. A distance from judgement. A judgement found in organization.

Why do I see freedom the more I separate from society. Would true benevolent gatherings be from those who found peace in community only after finding themselves. A journey of health in the exploration of the body and of the spirit.

I’ve never perceived the “God” people tried to show me or dictate the intent of it’s existence. I only felt “Good” as an energy of benevolence. The religious statement of God given was not the teaching of being but a guidebook to fit into their organization.

The further I cleanse my body of chemicals – the more I aid those around me – the more I clear my mind and sit in silence in the moment – the more God appears in communication. A communication in my everyday environment as a flow of energy. I don’t hear words spoken. I feel true serenity in a community when people slow and observe each other. When people breath and step back. When thought for ones self sits not on our table.

I know what I see around us, that controls us, is of the fallen man. A soul slipping and joining with greed and self indulgence. the creation of a demonic mindset that unfortunately has not been a recent infection.

I see true love rise. I feel the expansion of its energy. It is a beautiful world. There is still much to do, separating diseased ideals from our collective human experience. An experience getting much brighter every moment in the NOW.

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