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Hello. I am JoesphDublu. I specialize in premium vectorization. What is a vector image? Well, for what I create, it’s an image with information that can be “utilized”. In my most common usage, it is information that my vinyl cutter can utilize to precisely cut out aspects of a design for me to make signs or custom vehicle graphics. I also use vectors to create t-shirts, garments, banners, decals, stickers and a variety of any creative display that requires precision cutting for assembly of vibrant colours. That may not explain it to everyone. One more way to describe a vector image is; an image with nodes, that when the image is increased, the resolution of the image does not degrade no matter the size increase. A proper vector image, especially a complex vector image, is not easily created without a refined skill set. This is why you are reading this. I have run my own graphics design shop since 2006 ( Dublu Inc. / ), in which I design and instal all graphics personally. This has given me the ability to know what to prepare for and inner-stand how the design will translate on the surface it will be applied to. Yeaaaaah! Well, sort of. It’s good for production but not good for the soul if not utilized in a way I can help and grow. Enter Furuit. The Furuit Manifestation Implementation brings my vector designs to anyone who can perpetuate their benevolent intent. I utilize Furuit to distribute my vector designs to all those right brained thinkers on the earth. This to aid in healing and guidance through the fall of the construct currently upon us!

Please download and use for motivation, guidance personally or in a workplace. Use them for anything that spreads positive benevolent light and understanding in this beautiful world mankind is to dominate again. Feel free to donate at buy me a coffee, although I’m a fruit drinker, if you find my designs resonate with you and see their value.

Please feel free to grow upon my words and designs as we all rise from the troubles of our past when we utilize each other to stand up.

Go check out for a little more insight in who I am.


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